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Since 2012, NTL Industrial Supply has been exceeding the expectations of Canada’s oil and gas industry. 

We’re based in Northern Alberta in close proximity to the Energy Sands region, but demand for tailored solutions has led us to expand our operation to meet a growing need throughout the country. While we customize our services to meet the needs of each individual client, NTL Industrial Supply was founded upon a few core principles that most anyone can appreciate.


At NTL Industrial Supply, we’re proud to be a young operation that holds an old-school belief in service with a handshake and a smile. Our team gets to know you personally, and pays close attention to your needs so you’re never left explaining things repeatedly to a voice on the other end of the phone.


An added value of your partnership with NTL Industrial Supply is the convenience of getting critical resource on demand. No more hunting around. No more taking a number and waiting. We make it easy to manage your inventory, letting you put your valuable time where it matters most.


The team at NTL Industrial Supply just isn’t familiar with the phrase “I don’t know.” When you have questions, we have answers. Where there might be challenges, we reliably produce solutions. That kind of focused approach is unfortunately rare these days, but nothing short of what you deserve.


No matter what the scenario, you’ll find NTL Industrial Supply right by your side. We remain accountable to you and your best interests. We understand the needs of today’s oil and gas industry, and we firmly believe that we aren’t successful until you enjoy a new level of capability.


NTL Industrial Supply is a lean operation with a fresh approach that lets us maintain a low overhead. But rather than pad our own bottom line, we pass on those savings to you. That’s because measurable value is at the core of what makes us a trusted partner to each and every client we serve.


302-400 Mackenzie Blvd, T9H 4C4
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada